Rita Ora Has Exclusive One On One Interview With StyleBlazer

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Rita Ora spent some time to chat with StyleBlazer about her style, her favorite beauty products, how she stays in shape, and much more! Read the full interview below:


SB: Congratulations on everything that’s going on with you. Our readers at StyleBlazer can’t get enough, they always want to know how to get your look for less.

Rita Ora: Thank you so much. I have no boundaries when it comes to my fashion. I just love to wear whatever I’m feeling that day. Like today, I’m wearing some cute pumps with a dress and an old school hat. It’s very spontaneous.

SB: Your style ranges from girly to grunge to tomboy. I see a little bit of Aaliyah’s “sweet but street” style in there. And I really loved the Coogi sweater you rocked at SOB’s. How would you describe your signature style?

Rita: My style… I love clothes. I love fashion. I love going to fashion shows just as much as I love going to concerts. I love the process, I love looking at the detail and fabrics. To me, fashion is another art form. I love to have style in everything I do, in my music and my clothes. And when I wore that Coogi sweater it was just in the moment, and the influence from “Party and Bullsh*t” was definitely from [Notorious] B.I.G.

SB: You always have on a hot shade of  bright lipstick! Is there a brand that you swear by? 

Rita: Yeah, yeah, yeah! My red lipstick. I have a few brands but the one I love the most is MAC Lady Danger. It’s my favorite because it’s kind of orangey. And I sometimes change it to MAC Ruby Roo. I just found out that NARS has some really good lipsticks too, but those are the two I’ve loved using for ages. So MAC, hook me up [laughs]!

SB: Yes, definitely! Both of us! Mother’s Day is coming up. What’s the best, beauty, fashion, or just life advice that you’ve gotten from your mom?

Rita: My mom is the best person I think in the whole universe of the planet of the Earth. She’s been so supportive, and when I had nothing to turn to, my mom would always be there for me, and she was my backbone. She taught me patience, to respect everybody, and to show them how you want to be treated. Everyone thinks their mom is a superhero, and l feel like I want to be just like my mom. A superhero. She’s a very strong lady.

SB: You’re a gorgeous girl, you look great all the time, but is there a moment when you feel most beautiful?

Rita: Actually when I get my hair and makeup done. I feel like that’s when I’m really pretty. I like to dress up, and make my hair really glamorous. I think every girl likes to get her hair and makeup done. I think that’s when I feel most pretty. I actually don’t like looking at myself in the mirror when I first wake up, I can tell you that [laughs].

SB: I don’t think it anybody does [laughs]. You’re in really great shape. Are you on a workout routine? Is there something that you do to keep in shape?

Rita: Well right now, no, because I’m eating In and Out, so I wouldn’t recommend that to keep in shape [laughs]. You know what it is, to tell you the truth, I only work out like twice a week. I feel like, because I’m always on the move, that’s like my workout. Flying from city to city, doing shows at night, and things like that when you’re just really busy. So I feel like, I don’t really have a certain thing. I just would say, if you’re working out then I don’t feel like you need to watch what you eat. But if you aren’t working out, then you need to watch what you eat. Either one. I personally, if I’m feeling fat than I won’t eat as much, or I would go work out, but there’s no like strict routine. But thanks for that compliment.


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Source: Style Blazer