Rita Ora’s Stylist, Jordan Denzel, Is Interviewed For London’s Fashion Week

Published: September 17, 2012 | Category: Interview | Member: Ritabots | Share Article

Rita Ora’s stylist, Jordan Denzel, was interviewed by PopDash for the star’s favorite wardrobe pieces. We all know that Rita is well known for her fashion taste, so let’s find out what’s going on behind the scenes!

Denzel said, “Rita’s very elegant, but she still keeps it urban like she doesn’t want to take that away because she is from the root of London there’s different of her style…She’s really into her whole late 90s look and the early 00s. One of her biggest style inspirations is Gwen Steffani, as you guys probabaly know. She loves her whole blone look and red lipstick.”

And what is Rita’s must have in her wardrobe?

“Rita’s different she loves her sneakers. She would rather perform in sneakers than wear heels. She loves her dresses and glasses. Her look is really unique.”

Watch the video here!

Rita is unique in general, wouldn’t you say Ritabots?

Source: PopDash