Rita Ora: The 30 Second Lowdown

Published: June 27, 2012 | Category: News | Member: Ritabots | Share Article

If you’ve been away from the popular music scene for a while and have no idea who this Rita Ora person is, then we’re happy to fill you in. And seeing as people tend to have a 30 second attention span, before they move on and play some foxy bingo or check out another artist, we’ll make it quick for you.

Here’s some of the facts about Rita Ora that are causing such a buzz:

- Her new album was heavily influenced by US rockers The Vaccines and No Doubt, according to Rita. The album entitled ORA will be released on September.

- Her influences include Gwen Stefani, The Vaccines, TLC and Destinies Child.

- Rita Ora first gained recognition back in 2007 when she was featured on Craig David’s “Awkward”.

- Rita is signed to Jay Z’s record label Roc Nation, which she secured after meeting and featuring in his music video “Forever Young”.

- Her release with DJ Fresh, “Hot Right Now” has over 17 million views on YouTube and getting higher. The song has also been the fastest selling download in 2012 so far.

- Rita recently revealed that one of the tracks on her album will feature Black Eyed Peas front-man Will.I.Am. She also says we can expect several more collaborations that are to remain a surprise for now.

- Her début solo single R.I.P had its début at number one in the UK singles chart in May 2012.

So you see, she has a bright future ahead of her. Peruse the site more and have a listen to her music so far, to get a real feel for what she’s about.

Christie Young September 1, 2012 at 5:03 pm

you rock rita ora i draw loads of pics of u while listning to ya