Rita Ora Has A Boob Wardrobe Malfunction At Red Bull Culture Clash

Published: November 9, 2012 | Category: Photos | Member: Ritabots | Share Article

Rita Ora was in London for the Red Bull Culture Clash show and her sexiness was…well…flashed to the audience. During her high energy routine, her boob popped out of her motorcycle outfit – Her motorcycle outfit slowly unzippped during her performance (sounds kinda sexy, eh?).

Rita tweeted, “”Yes. It’s true. I got straight off a motorbike from O2 to Wembley, I didn’t have time to change.

She added, “I didn’t have time to change and then all of a sudden the zip got lower and lower, I rushed on stage and pop! It happened, f**k!” and “Sorry guys (How embarrassing). Apologised! Despite that amazing show! :) LOL.”

Nothing to be embarrassed about sexy Rita! Her first wardrobe malfunction was at the Lovebox Festival.

Source: Examiner