Rita Ora Hits Another September Magazine Cover: GQ UK!

Published: August 4, 2012 | Category: Photos | Member: Ritabots | Share Article

Rita Ora is on an insane publicity rampage! The best part though is that everybody wants a piece of our girl so she’s not one of those rising stars who “tries” to get her name out there. It seems like every magazine wants Rita Ora on the cover of their September issue, which is usually the most popular issue of the year!

In this news, Rita hits the cover of GQ UK. Check out some of the highlights of her interview with GQ:

On a change she’s made since seeing her popularity soar:
“I shared a room with my sister and I had to not make noise when she was sleeping. Now I have my own place, it’s like – I don’t even have to be quiet.”

On her debut album title, Ora:
“It’s my name but also ora in my language means time, and it took me so long to do this album. Like three years.”

On the best advice she’s received from Jay-Z:
“The best advice he gave me was, ‘Have you seen Chris Martin perform? You know it’s literally just him on a stage? And he just rocks it out. Jay told me, ‘You don’t need dancers and stuff around you.”

On her Jack Daniels drinking lyrics:
“I don’t literally take a shot of Jack in the morning, I mean, I have once. I have a few times. But it’s not like I do it all the time.”

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Source: Celebrity Gossip