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Welcome to our Rita Ora Quotes page. Quotes are from songs, interviews, Twitter, etc. They appear in no apparent order and we are constantly updating this page with new smashing lines weekly. If you have a quote that you think deserves to be posted for the world to feel, drop a comment :)

  • “I’ve always tried to be independent. It’s just my personality. I’ve always been the type to motivate the camp. I’ve always wanted to be the fuel for something—for music, the fuel for my family, the fuel for my best friend. Helping someone with what I’m doing.” – Vibe Magazine
  • “She’s part of the family” – Rita Ora on Rihanna
  • “Do you know how much I love that woman? I love everything about her” – Rita Ora on Gwen Stefani being her biggest idol and influence
  • “And party and bullshit…
    And party, and party” – How We Do (Party)
  • “You look so sweet while you’re dreaming
    Holding your bottle of tanger red
    Can’t find your clothes from last evening
    May it ask, how I know, you’re the one for me” – How We Do (Party)
  • “So put your arms around me baby
    We’re tearing down the town
    Cause that’s just how we do” – How We Do (Party)
  • “R.I.P, to the girl you used to see
    Her days are over, baby she’s over
    I decided to give you all of me
    Baby come closer, baby come closer” – R.I.P.
  • “Let my perfume, soak into your sweater
    Say you’ll be here soon, sooner the better” – R.I.P.
  • “I run this game, just a play a role
    Follow my lead, what you waiting for?
    Thought it over and decided tonight is your night” – R.I.P.
  • “I was waiting for your love, you can only wait so long
    I was hoping and praying you would see what was goin’ on
    Now we’re standing here with open hearts
    And I’m chained inside my world
    Know you lost me boy and you can’t change that” – Awkward
  • “I’m let me see the club get hotter, hotter
    I wanna see your hands up higher higher
    I don’t need close shouts oh oh oh oh
    Can I get a woah!” – Hot Right Now
  • “You know you’re only in it
    Cuz it’s hot right now, hot right now
    Turn it up right now
    Put your hands in the air if you want it right now” – Hot Right Now
  • “Jay-Z thinks I could be as big as Rihanna” – Rita Ora Interview

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