Rita Ora Featured In The Boom Box’s “Day in the Life” (Video)

Published: October 3, 2012 | Category: Video | Member: Ritabots | Share Article

Rita Ora has welcomed The Boom Box to follow her for a “Day in The Life” series during her stay in NYC. Rita did keep her talking to a minimum because she had to save her voice for practicing, singing in front of a smaller crowd at Spotify, and finally in front of a large crowd for MTV.

During the video, you’ll see that Rita start’s to sing Steve Wonder’s “Love Light in Flight”. She tells The Boom Box: “I don’t think anyone would expect me to sing a song like that…I always like to do the unexpected. I’m a big Stevie Wonder fan. I just thought it was the right thing to do. You have to do it right though ’cause if you get a legend’s song wrong, you’re getting stoned.”

Ritabots will definitely enjoy this real fun video presented by The Boom Box – enjoy!

Source: The Boombox